WWW.RYCOMS.COM: Randolph Hoppe is The Preston Tucker of Comics on the web (though methinks he will end up being more successful). Years and years ago he plotted out the various twists and turns the Internet would take and the impact it would have on illustration and storytelling. I didn't understand what he was talking about then…I do now.

WWW.RODAISM.COM: Illustrator-Shaman, Basquiat meets Ghost Dog for control of your soul!

WWW.INDIEWIRE.COM: The inside dope on indie filmmaking.

WWW.DAVIDBOWIE.COM: The man, the myth…the community.

WWW.TOTALLYRADIO.COM: Online radio station based in England. It has a diverse rotation of songs and interesting programs (THE DAILY SHOW hosted by Claire is a favorite of mine).

WWW.FORTUNECITY.COM/SKYSCRAPER/RSI/46: Orsongirl's fab site about the Maestro Welles.

WWW.WOLFRAMSCIENCE.COM: A New Kind of Science, dig?

WWW.RES.COM: Official Website for Res Magazine.

WWW.CINEMATOGRAPHER.COM: Official web site for the magazine American Cinematographer.

WWW.WILLIAMGIBSONBOOKS.COM: Gibson has created a wonderful space for himself here.

WWW.KUNG-FOO.TV/BLOG: Doctor Tee has usurped the title of Best Blog on the web from William Gibson. This site is like a teeming civilization where science, pop culture and personal statements are the rule of law. Its keeper is a modern day expatriate renaissance man and a good mate of mine.




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