Not so much a piece of fiction as it is a thumbnail clipping. Inspired by a person I used to work with...

The Pit

Written By John Figueroa

   It was all he could take. He got up from his desk, opened the Bottomless Pit in the middle of the office floor and tossed his co-worker in. Her arms flailed as she stumbled back and entered the darkness. The sound of her screaming grew in pitch as she fell deeper and deeper.

--What did you do asked his other co-worker?

--I threw her into the Bottomless Pit he answered.

He told her he only did what everyone had wanted to given the woman's penchant for manipulation, complaining, backstabbing and hysterics.

--She brought us to hell he spit.

He hoped the trip down the Bottomless Pit would give her some time to contemplate her behavior and arrive at a more temperate disposition.

--But she might not--

--Don't worry he said.

He reached behind his desk and pulled out The Endless Rope that goes on forever. They would simply tie an end to one of the office pillars and throw the other in with a heavy weight (a file cabinet perhaps). It would surely sink faster, catch up with her and they could pull her up--no harm, no foul.

--But will the extra weight make the rope sink faster? Can it catch her or will it always lag behind she asked?

A good question he did not have the answer for.


He hadn't figured on physics being part of the equation. He and his remaining co-worker sat down in front of their computers and tried to research a solution to the problem. Soon, the low hum of the monitors and clattering of the fingers against keys drowned out the voice of anger and regret coming up out of the pit.


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